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Infused with exfoliating AHA's (aka, gentle chemical exfoliants) to help naturally shed dead skin cells for smoother, softer looking feet in just 2 weeks. • Sock-like masks are easy-to-use & mess free • Natural Fruit Acids: magical cocktail of exfoliating AHAs help naturally shed dead skin & calluses. • Honey & Aloe: super-soothers doing the most to keep skin moisturized & calm. • Peeling starts in 4-7 days: Rejoice! Silky-smooth feet are on the way!


LET'S DO THIS: "• Wash & dry feet. • Cut along dotted line to open socks. Slip feet into socks. • Leave on for 60-90 minutes. • Remove & discard (one-time use only). • Rinse well & pat dry. • PSSSST! Peeling times vary and may take up to 2 weeks to complete. Let the process do its thing— don’t forcibly peel or buff away dead skin! PRO-TIP: Use once every 1 to 2 months to give cracked heels and extra-dry feet a total refresh. To keep skin soft and hydrated after peeling, reach for our COMFORT ZONE Soothing Foot Mask.

Smooth Moves Peeling Foot Mask

SKU: FPM2022
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