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Millennials aren't the first to struggle with a hustling heart or to make a choice between striving after their agenda and surrendering to God. Throughout scripture, we encounter individuals who had to face the hard reality that their way wasn't the best way. By exploring these biblical narratives, author Malinda Fuller encourages readers to respond to the question God asks each of us: "will you obey me?" Alongside these accounts are the words of modern women who are leaning into what God is asking them to do even when it doesn't make sense, isn't easy, won't be accepted by others, and perhaps also appears foolish. Fuller's vulnerable anecdotes of faith, marriage, intentional living, and family help readers on their journey to identify God's whisper for themselves and ultimately choose obedience over hustle.
Author: Malinda Fuller.
Page count: 224.
Size: 5" x 8".
Format: paperback.
Language: English.

Obedience Over Hustle

SKU: 9781643520759
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