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 People going through hardship so often are not looking for solutions and positivity, but simply someone to be in the moment with them, giving them space and permission to grieve and process what is happening. This card works for many situations - serious illness, loss, death, or just a string of challenging circumstances - by acknowledging and accepting that the person is not okay, and offering unconditional support and solidarity. 


The outside of this card says: "It is very okay if you are not okay" Inside says: "I’m not here to try to fix it, put a positive spin on things, or buck you up. I am just here to be with you and for you - no expiration date. Thank you for letting me walk with you, whatever the weather."


* 5.5 x 4.5 glossy exterior card * short message inside with matte finish * card stock weight paper * comes with a white envelope.

It is Very Okay if You Are Not Okay Card

SKU: S7-PRI-124
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