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“Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven,” the saying goes.
That’s true, but many Christians struggle to accept
both their own imperfections and God’s forgiveness.
This devotional will encourage imperfect Christians with the stories of imperfect people from the Bible. Learn from the accounts of folks like
Sarah, who laughed at God’s promise of a child
Joseph of Arimathea, who followed Jesus, but secretly out of fear
John Mark, who deserted a missionary trip and caused a rift between Paul and Barnabas
Peter, whose up and downs warrant multiple readings
Martha, stressed out and irritable with Jesus in her home
The good news? Every one of them—and many like them—overcame their shortcomings to accomplish great things.
Give Yourself Some Grace shares two wonderful truths: you are not alone in your struggles, and God is always happy to forgive. It will encourage you whatever your age or background.

Give Yourself Some Grace

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